The MOS MOSH Jeans Guide


The MOS MOSH Jeans Guide

The MOS MOSH Jeans GuideThe essential you can’t live without

MOS MOSH is known to be a jeans brand, and we believe that jeans are an important essential in the wardrobe that is always on-trend and, therefore, a must to invest in.
We have a large ranch of beautiful denim jeans in timeless designs at MOS MOSH. Our jeans are made with such a great fit for women that they flatter each individual.
We know it can be a struggle to find the right jeans. Therefore, we have made this guide to help you find the perfect match (or matches).
From wide-legged fits to slim fits and cropped lengths, we like to pair our denim jeans with a lightly tucked tee, a silk shirt, or a mid-long dress for a classic yet edgy jeans look. And, of course, heels for that extra something!
As our jeans run larger in size, we recommend going a size down when finding your new

7 MOS MOSH jeans fits 
that will rock your world 

Slim fit

If you prefer a figure-hugging fit, slim jeans are just the right pair for you. These are meant to fit like a glove and are great for all body types. Our Slim fitted jeans come with various waist heights, such as high waist and low waist. 
Here's one of our slim-fitted jeans:

Regular fit

If you are looking for a more relaxed aesthetic look with a tapered fit that is figure-hugging around the legs and a little deco-glam, a pair of regular-fitted jeans might be the ones for you. These are especially great if you have a curvy silhouette, as they offer great support and are not too tight around the thighs. 

Here's one of our regular-fitted jeans:

Wide-leg fit

Love the 70's and the 90's denim trends? Then our trendy wide-leg fitted jeans might be just right for you.

These are perfect for women who love a retro culotte fit or boxy jeans. Wide-leg fitted jeans are wider in the knee and at the bottom hem and, therefore, looser in the fit through the legs than our other fits. These jeans certainly give the illusion of longer legs, and who doesn't love that feature? Wide-leg fitted jeans are always a bit daring – a true pair of statement jeans.

Here are two of our wide-leg fitted jeans:

Flare fit 

Our flare jeans are very flattering if you have a curvy figure, especially since they balance your silhouette, making you appear more hourglass-shaped. They have trendy flared legs, either finished with a lengthening bootcut or cropped at the ankle, making a slight kick at the hem.

Here's one of our flare-fitted jeans:

Straight fit

Straight-fitted jeans have straight legs - meaning the legs don't taper in or flare below the knee. The whole pant is the same width. They look gorgeous on all body types.
Here's one of our straight-fitted jeans:

Boyfriend fit

Boyfriend-fitted jeans are designed in a slightly loose fit. They are more relaxed and have a mid-waist. They are easy to draw up or down, depending on where you want them to sit on the waist. We especially like placing them low on the hips for a cooler look.
Here's one of our boyfriend-fitted jeans:

Mom fit

Inspired by the cool 90s, these mom-fitted jeans have a balloon fit and come with a trendy high waist. They are great for various body types and are not tight around the thighs.
Here's one of our mom-fitted jeans:

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