Our Story

The beginning of MOS MOSH dates back to 2010, where the first drawings was created from the kitchen counter in the home of Founder, Kim Hyldahl. Step by step a small collection of seven jeans and pants came to life. The signature was clear; well-fitted garments, high quality, and most importantly designed with that little twist in mind. 

The brand evolved and ten years later, in 2020, MOS MOSH wrote a new chapter to the story. A menswear line with the vision to make an internationally commercial re-thinking luxury brand. Gallery, it is. A new attitude towards casual tailoring that embodies the principles of relaxed elegance and timeless sophistication in every style, down to the last detail.

”Good things take time. We want to do things properly; it has to feel right”.

Kim Hyldahl, Founder

The Gallery Signature

Well-fitting jeans, casual tailoring, and essential styles. This is Gallery. This is what we excel in and strive to be the best at. We know how to make well-fitting garments in high-end fabrics, always with attention to detail.

Our collections are crafted with inspiration from the simple Nordic look combined with Italian finesse. With a focus on craftsmanship, we showcase a simple wardrobe with multiple styling options, where the garments are cut from top-shelf qualities with that little twist and nature in mind, never compromising the fit. Our garments are made to be worn more than once; they are made to last.

Our approach to tailoring is versatility and comfort. Every piece is transitional and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Dedicated to making garments with relaxed elegance for the modern man on the move, we design casual and comfortable suits for daylong wear.

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