Introducing our new sister brand, HEYANNO

HEYANNO is a fresh feeling and means "welcoming a new year." It's a positive renewal and a playful energy that gives hope in a world where everything can seem dark. With HEYANNO, we want to dress more carefree, be in motion, dare to play, and never stand still. 

HEYANNO is a cool style clash where minimalism meets maximalism. It is inspired by the cool technical qualities used in Japanese fashion, mixed with classy Scandinavian and Italian vibes with the playful and effortless stylingfrom New York.  

HEYANNO is inspiring with no limits or rules. HEYANNO is not about trends but about wardrobe staples with a twist – all styles that will be treasured for years to come, as the styles are versatile and can be styled in many ways, whether it's daring, edgy, or casual.  

HEYANNO should bring happiness and inspiration, inspiring you to find your own unique look. It focuses on qualities that look great alone and can easily be mixed with other styles. Contrasts are key, as classic meets technical, feminine meets masculine, and comfort meets formal. All these contrasts give a playful, carefree new look that challenges the classics and gives possibilities for new ways. 

HEYANNO is less about gender and is heavily inspired by men's fashion, indie rock, and the grunge 90's. It's a casual yet affordable luxury brand with classic silhouettes and a high focus on qualities, twists, and edgy styling. A universe where it's easy to play with styling as everything is versatile. Authenticity is a cornerstone, and HEYANNO is an updated story of who we are and, at the same time, a tribute to our roots.

The first drop will be available on August 15, 2024.

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