DIY: Turn your jeans into a maxi skirt


DIY: Turn your jeans into a maxi skirt

DIY: Turn your jeans into a maxi skirt

Upcycle your jeans into a maxi skirt. This transformation is trendy right now, and we get why!

It’s budget-friendly and an easy solution to do at home. On top of that, it’s not only cool to upcycle your jeans into a maxi skirt – it’s also a more responsible choice than buying a new pair.

So how do you upcycle a pair of jeans into a maxi skirt? We will show you through our DIY video below with how-to steps (without hard-to-read sentences and confusing patterns).



This is what you need:
- Wide-legged jeans (a pair you don’t use anymore)
- A sewing machine
- Iron
- Heavy thread for jeans in matching colour
- Sharp scissor
- Jeans needle for sewing machine
- Pins
- Measure tape
- Pen


How to:
1. Cut along the inseam seam of both legs
2. Cut the heavy seam in the crotch.

3. Cut front crotch up along seam, stop approx. 3,5cm before fly stitch (The fly needs to be intact).
4. Now, we are going to pin it. Lay the front panels together so the front lays flat – then pin the fronts together. Decide slit length.
5. Sew the front crotch and along the front edge together into the top of the slit: Follow the original topstitch.

6. Turn inside out and lay back leg seam together on top of each other, pin leg together along the edge.
7. Measure approx. 20cm down from the top of the waistband and make a mark.
8. Lay measure tape at the mark and down to the hem.
9. Draw a line along the tape edge with a pen.
10. Sew back together at the line.
11. Cut off fabric along the back seam and zig-zag the back seam edge.
12. Iron the back seam
13. Et voila! That’s it. It’s time to style your stunning ‘new’ skirt.



This is how we would style your ‘new’ skirt:



Style with trendy tank tops


MMAstrid Silk Tank Top // MMZiva Melange Tank Top


Style with cool tees

 MMNala Flounce Tee // MMAina O-SS Tee


Style with flattering blouses

MMAmelia Stripe Blouse // MMYen Tie Blouse




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