Skirts for women








 Are you searching for your next favorite skirt? Then we might have the right one (or ones) for you.

At MOS MOSH, we have a cool and flattering selection of skirts for women. Here, you’ll find various skirts for different occasions and needs: skirts for parties, everyday wear, and the office. All skirts that fit everybody, whether you like a midi or maxi skirt, are looking for a classic skirt, or want a skirt with extraordinary and playful details.

Find your favorite skirt fit
Our skirts are designed in three MOS MOSH skirt fits in midi and maxi lengths.

Fitted, Regular, and Relaxed. Fitted is a fit for you who desire a flattering slim silhouette with plenty of stretch to hold its shape, where regular is perfect if you like it a little bit looser and relaxed if you love it loose on your body.

Denim, satin, or pleated?
We love satin skirts, pleated skirts, and denim skirts – therefore, you’ll see a stunning selection of these at MOS MOSH.

For us, Satin skirts fall like liquid and feel like wearing a second skin as they are so soft and shiny, perfect for a night out or a Saturday brunch at a cool café.

Our pleated skirts move beautifully. They are detailed with graphic print and perfect for every occasion. We especially like them with a tee or shirt tucked in to reveal the details on the skirt.

A denim skirt is always a good idea. They have a breezy ‘70s vibe and will never go out a style and, therefore, a must in the wardrobe. And don’t forget - denim goes with just about everything.

Find your next stunning skirt at MOS MOSH online in the different colours: black, white, blue, brown, etc., and shop our latest news and collections here.