Straight fit jeans for women




MOS MOSH straight-leg jeans for women

Wanna try a pair of straight legged jeans? We got you covered.

Straight fitted jeans is always the answer when in doubt in morning. They are modern and cool with anything and perfect for various occasions and needs. 

Therefore, you’ll find a cool selection of women’s jeans in a straight fit at MOS MOSH. Straight fitted jeans doesn’t taper in or flare out below the knee. Straight legged jeans have the same width from the knee to the leg opening, making them the perfect jeans for those who doesn’t want skinny jeans but still like that the jeans have a streamlined effect. Straight fitted jeans at MOS MOSH sits a bit higher (high-rise) and nearer to your waist than your hips, and we like them together with a tucked in tee or shirt to reveal the edgy details on our straight fitted jeans. Straight fitted jeans also works great with a tailored blazer - And remember to add some chunky boots or high heels, depending on the occasion. 

Shop our straight fitted jeans online today and explore the new collection filled with trendy jeans in various fits and colours.