ReLoved by MOS MOSH

From PreLoved to ReLoved - Let your clothes be loved more than once

Your worn clothes deserve to be ReLoved by someone new!

ReLoved by MOS MOSH is a secondhand universe created to give your MOS MOSH clothing a second chance to be worn and loved again by someone new.

With ReLoved, we can progress in an extended circular mindset and help ensure that our items are made to be worn and loved, not only once but season after season.
MOS MOSH wishes to embrace an extended lifespan of our quality clothes.

With our new secondhand universe ReLoved, you can explore flattering and popular styles from previous collections, as well as you can trade-in your clothing bought at You will receive a voucher to use in
our ReLoved universe or in our online shop when trading-in. This voucher will be 30% of the retail price on our webshop.

We will receive your worn MOS MOSH clothing and resell it in our ReLoved online shop. Furthermore, we offer free shipping on the returned MOS MOSH clothing.

It is, of course, possible to cancel your purchase and return it under the same conditions as items bought in our online shop. Read more here.

All you have to do is send us your worn clothes bought at, and we will take care of the rest.


In our ReLoved universe, the clothes are categorized by 3 various conditions; Fair, Good, and As new, making it easy for you to navigate through.

Fair: Really Loved
Means a secondhand item that has been worn but still maintained. This item is characterized by signs of use such as defects, small stains etc.  

Good: Loved but Cared for
Means a secondhand item that almost hasn’t been worn and is very well maintained. This item can have minimal traces from wear such as small insignificant stains.

As new
Means a secondhand item with no defects and, therefore, in a ‘never worn’ condition.

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