The MOS MOSH story

In 2010 the MOS MOSH brand was born, founded by Kim Hyldahl. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, MOS MOSH marked a new beginning for the founder. The first drawings were created from the kitchen counter of his home, and step by step, a small collection of seven pairs of jeans and pants came to life. The signature was clear; well-fitted garments, high quality, and most importantly, designed with a twist in mind.

From the very beginning, MOS MOSH had a goal to reach an international wingspan while staying true to our DNA and principles. Everything we do, we do with passion, love, and heart. Our DNA became an even more important foundation as we began advancing into full-range collections. We were, and are still, not afraid to say that we have a commercial mindset, and this paid off. Women worldwide have embraced the look and the fit of MOS MOSH jeans, and the brand has established itself as a keeper on the scene of today's fashion as a luxury jeans and tailoring brand. 

“Listen to your heart, things have to feel right”

Kim Hyldahl, founder of MOS MOSH

Kim Hyldahl, MOS MOSH founder


MOS MOSH is an internationally leading fashion brand built upon a strong culture with fundamental values – Propriety, responsibility, and authenticity have been the cornerstones of our company, and the goal has always been to deliver beyond the expected – in every way possible. 

We are a brand that cares about each other's well-being and the world we live in. We set ambitious goals while keeping our feet steadily planted on the ground. Remembering who we are and where we came from is important as it makes us humble.

Creativity is key; we know the importance of constantly innovating ourselves and our design. This makes us dedicated and motivated by doing our best through hard work and the element of surprise.

Being part of the fashion industry means we have a strong responsibility towards the planet we pass on to our children and grandchildren. We are fully aware that we are not perfect, but we are honest and on a journey towards being more responsible. We're committed to taking responsibility and making better daily choices by minimizing our environmental and social impact across our entire business chain.

A universe of timeless wardrobe pieces with a twist

MOS MOSH is a universe of timeless wardrobe pieces with a twist. We are known for our high quality, high comfort, and extraordinary attention to detail. Even though our styles are of high quality, it's important for us to make them affordable. This makes us ensure our unique DNA. 

To make sure every garment is perfect, we always twist and turn it as it is essential for us to be known for our passion and not for compromising. Our well-fitted and appealing styles stand out, and so do we. We want to dress women worldwide with flattering styles that empower everyone wearing them.

No matter how fast the MOS MOSH train goes, we stay true to our DNA and humble principles.

"Attention to detail - always with a twist"

Kim Hyldahl, MOS MOSH founder

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