This is Gallery: Michelle, Print Designer


This is Gallery: Michelle, Print Designer

Consider the network of roots of a beech tree, spreading underground and gathering nutrients to allow the crown to develop and flourish. This is how we imagine Michelle's creative mind works. A network of threads that are all cross-connected to one another. Sparks fly at one point, and Michelle has created a new graphic masterpiece for our Gallery collections.

As a Print Designer, Michelle plays a vital role in the development of our collections. Michelle creates graphic designs in close collaboration with our Creative Director and Founder, Kim Hyldahl, all of which impact the style and expression of the collections.

When you ask Michelle how she comes up with her ideas, she answers: "Just like that". An idea can emerge spontaneously, but it may also need to be worked on to varying degrees before it becomes good. Some ideas are computer-generated, while others are hand-drawn. A creative process is rarely linear, which may explain why Michelle finds it difficult to describe her work process. The most crucial piece of advice for a creative is to trust the process.

If there's cake in the kitchen, you can bet Michelle is there as well. She loves cakes! She also enjoys nature walks, which are where she recharges. With her two children running ahead of her in the fresh air amongst the beech trees. Michelle enjoys Denmark's long summer months. The bright mornings, the warm evenings, and the sand between her toes. 

Get to know her better below.

Michelle has chosen her favourite styles from our spring collection. See the collection here.