This is Gallery: Jonathan, Buying Coordinator


This is Gallery: Jonathan, Buying Coordinator

This is Gallery: Jonathan, Buying Coordinator

Jonathan, our Buying Coordinator, embodies versatility and dedication. Joining our family four years ago, he swiftly embraced the dynamic environment, forsaking academia for hands-on experience. Since then, Jonathan has been pivotal in shaping MOS MOSH Gallery., showcasing unwavering commitment.

In our close-knit team of seven, Jonathan navigates between roles, extending his expertise across departments. His workday is a medley of activities—from product creation and purchasing to liaising with our Danish retailers and ensuring shop-in-shop operations run smoothly.

Off-duty, Jonathan is a whirlwind of activity. After work, he's either sprinting to football practice, or enjoying downtime with friends.

Jonathan is not shy about boasting about his skills in various sports and always speaks highly of himself. However, his claims seldom translate to victories when we engage in table tennis matches at the office. We do love his optimism and winner mentality, though.Of course, no portrait of Jonathan would be complete without a nod to his musical prowess. As our designated office DJ, he treats us to playlists as eclectic as his interests, ensuring that there's never a dull moment in a working day.

In Jonathan, we've found not just a colleague, but a source of endless entertainment and inspiration. His annual back-flips at our Christmas parties - which are always a success - say it all. With his enthusiasm, authenticity, and knack for turning everyday moments into adventures, he reminds us to embrace life's many experiences.

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