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buy less. choose well. make it last

There is no planet B. We need to make sustainable and conscious choices in order to protect our planet. We want our customers to choose responsibly and make quality investments when they shop for garments. We cannot do it alone. We want our garments to last, and when they are ready for a new life, we want to recycle them and eventually make new garments.

Annelie wears:

Blake Night Pant

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do what you love, but do it with care

A long time ago we made a choice to produce many of our styles in sustainably sourced fabrics and fibers. Polyamid, polyester and cotton are some of the fabrics we use in our sustainable program for suits, shirts and tees. We believe in wearing clothes that don’t wear out the planet.

We are very proud members of BCI: Better Cotton Initiative. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of Mass Balance. The cotton farmers learn to grow the cotton in a more responsible way, with less water and the use of chemicals and pesticides. By 2030 we have a goal to source 100% of our cotton from sustainable cotton. We do it because we care.

Natsuko wears:

Abbey Night Pant

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Marion wears:

Martina Shirt

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a little less transportation, a little more passion

More than 90% of our production is made within Europe. This way we can reduce our C02-footprint and our impact on the environment. This also gives us the advantage of being able to work closer with our suppliers, whom we have chosen because they share the same values as MOS MOSH. We believe in a sustainable way of thinking - all the way.

Annelie wears:

Kay Tee

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