Barberino's: A barbershop with passion and style


Barberino's: A barbershop with passion and style

Barberino's: A barbershop with passion and style

During preparations for our Autumn Winter 2023 campaign shoot in Bologna, we came across Barberino's barbershop, which briefly caught our attention. Barbershops are not in themselves a unique sight in the streets of Bologna, but Barberino's in particular stood out.

Barberino's is a sophisticated and elegant barber chain, run by young people full of passion, and with an ambition to revolutionize the way men take care of themselves. We had a chat with the barber chain's Brand Ambassador, Arcangelo, who was in the salon in Bologna that very day.

Nice to meet you, Arcangelo, Would you like to introduce yourself?

"Of course! We are a small salon with a big personality, so I am glad that you have found your way past. My name is Arcangelo and I originally come from a town near Benevento, which is in Campania. My passion for cutting hair comes from my family, who all work in the same profession. I am very ambitious. I started at Barberino's three years ago, and today I am an ambassador for the chain. I will be here in Bologna for three months and then I will move on to one of our other salons. I'm around all Barberino's salons".

And how big is Barberino's? Can you tell us about it?

"You know, in our hectic lives, we often forget to take a breather and focus on ourselves. Especially men. This is where Barberino's comes into the picture. We want men to reclaim their time and treat themselves to a little self-love. Our motto is: "Time is true wealth." Carve out time for yourself", which pretty much sums up what Barberino's is all about. Our treatments are designed to give you the relaxed moment you deserve”.There is a barber on every street corner here in Italy. What makes Barberino's stand out?

"Barberino's is not just a barber shop; it's a place where we redefine self-care with a touch of passion and style. Back in 1910, there was a guy named John, known as "Barberino", who left his small hometown and traveled to the United States, where he became a legendary barber in Boston. Fast forward to 2015 and we decided to bring back the same style and care he had, mixing classic shaving with a modern twist.

People choose Barberino's because, unlike other Italian hair salons, we put the guest at the center and we take care of him in the sense that we serve him 360 degrees. We also respect the guest by wearing a uniform and in addition to shaving and cutting hair, we also do facials. Above all, we perform a service that is performed by cutting hair with a comb and scissors, unlike the other barbershops that use machines.

From our first store in Milan to several locations in northern and central Italy, Barberino's has become a symbol of Italian craftsmanship. We are a team of over 50 young people who are all committed to providing every guest with the same care, elegance, and quality that made Barberino famous internationally”.

You say you have travelled between all your salons. Where do you most like to be?

My career at Barberino's started in Milan. The salon and the city have remained in my heart. When I first came to Milan, all other cities just seemed a little smaller - and less organized. So I prefer Milan above all”.

What does aesthetics mean to you?

"For me, aesthetics is taking care of yourself, being serious, and having goals in life".