SS22: The MOS MOSH muse


SS22: The MOS MOSH muse

She’s a wildflower, longing for a sunny day


A new season is coming, and our MOS MOSH muse is longing for it and warmer days.
She draws her inspiration from the nature, hope, and openness.

Hattie Slim Stripe Blouse // Blake Night Blazer Sustainable & Abbey Night Pant Sustainable 

Kinny Stretch Twill Shirt // Sydney Suede Loafer

Told by dreamers who act and live in the moment

Spring Summer 2022 is inspired by our muse.

She wanted to travel to a destination, with her beloved friend, where dreams meet actions and nature meet urban living, and we followed their journey. 

Blake Night Blazer Sustainable & Abbey Night Pant Sustainable 


Therefore, they traveled to Como in Italy.

A city known for its historic architecture, colourful gardens, and the dreamy waterfront promenade. Here they stayed at Villa Monastero and Palazzo Albricci Peregrini - various extraordinary gems, fulfilling their wishes for living in the moment. 

Explore the dreamy locations here…

Finley Silk Shirt // Viga Pique Blazer & Sarah Glow Pant

Elowen Knit Cardigan // Colette Haim Jeans

Let’s paint the world with soothing optimism

Our muse packed a suitcase filled with versatile styles made for various needs and occasions for Como. Inspired by the ‘70s and ‘90s fashion trends, she brought dreamy silhouettes, voluminous structures, and patterns with her.

Hadley Cope Jacket & Stella Straight Jeans // Saige Quili Jacket


As our muse loves colours and prints that bring soothing optimism with a dash of playfulness and brightness, she chose to pack a colour palette of clothing reflecting nature, hope, and freedom. 



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