LY20: Time for reflection


LY20: Time for reflection

Time for reflection

This year’s Late Year collection celebrates closeness and a need to stay grounded. The world has changed rapidly over a short period of time and our daily lives have been turned upside down. This year has forced us to slow down and take a longer look at what is in front of us. What matters within and where we want to go. Now, more than ever a digital detox is needed and time for close relations are cherished.

Stay connected by switching off

It’s time to notice the little things around us like the smell of the rain, feel of the vibrant city, the warmth of the winter sun rays, the quietness in solitude and the world around us. Finding bliss in a quiet moment, diving deep into the words of a favorite poet, writing phrases of reflection, staying connected by switching off and surrounding ourselves with things that spark joy.

The LY20 campaign was shot in beautiful Copenhagen on a sunny autumn day. The stunning architecture of the vibrant city and the scenery of the wonderful Hotel Rye 115 truly made the collection come to life. 

Slow down and feel what is within

The Late Year 2020 collection treasures the bonds of softness in materials and the exclusive silky feel touch and gentle sprinkles of glam. While the year has taught us to slow down physically that does not mean we need to slow down when it comes to expressing personal style. 

something in the air
a quietness
the softness in a whisper
a time for reflection

Wearable wardrobe moments

The collection offers a ray of bright true blue and shimmery details, accompanies by soft earthy tones for a sophisticated attitude. A dramatic colour palette with great personality, made easy to mix and match within tones and textures. Wearable wardrobe moments for everyday tranquility and special occasions with those we hold dear.

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