International Women's Day: A word with Sirène…


International Women's Day: A word with Sirène…

International Women's Day: A word with Sirène

March 8 will always mark a special day for us at MOS MOSH. It's a day where we unite as a community; we celebrate the women around us and pray tribute to those who dare to stand out. International Women's Day, for us, is about women supporting women, and this year's theme couldn't fit the brief more accurately: 'Invest in women: Accelerate Progress'. This year, the day focuses on supporting and investing in women to improve things for everyone. A big wish, but none the less, a wish that shouldn't be wishful thinking - but truth. Today, we reflect on and celebrate the contributions women have made to society and the ongoing struggles for women's rights. The day also highlights the persistent challenges women continue to face all over the world. 

For this year's International Women's Day, we have teamed up with the strong women behind the company Sirène. They have created an assault alarm, small enough to fit in your keychain, with a community-based concept with Runners, who are ready to help in case of an assault. We had a chat with one of the founders behind the company, Caroline Lilleør, where we asked her about the need for such a device, her weaknesses and strengths, her dreams for Sirène, and what International Women's Day means to her.

A problem with a clear solution

In this modern world, women still face issues when it comes to feeling safe in public. "Sadly, the story behind Sirène is that we, the founders, have all been victims of assault in some way. Based on this, we started discussing potential solutions on the market that could create some security – but we found nothing", says Caroline. The urge to feel safe in an unsafe situation where you're often completely alone eventually became the turning point and kickstarted the idea behind Sirène.

Get up when you hit the ground

With an education in Design & Business specializing in Entrepreneurship, the founders behind Sirène had a clear business understanding and created the company four years ago while studying. They had a plan, a solution to a problem, but starting a tech business turned out to be a challenge – but not a challenge that kept them from moving forward. 'Our naivety turned out to be a good thing because we just did things. If we fell and hit the ground, we got up and kept running – which we still do today,' says Caroline. 'We've come a long way since we started the company four years ago, as a business and personally. Creating a company is something that really puts hair on your chest!'.

This kind of commitment and passion for their business was the driving force that kept them going, even when they faced pumps on the road, like fighting with the big players in the tech industry, component shortages in production, and tech development issues. At MOS MOSH, we are inspired by fighters who have a passion and drive for what they do; much like our own story, we know how much it takes to get up and hold your head high when you stumble on life's road. These kinds of life lessons are only there to make you stronger.

The importance of International Women's Day

As this day celebrates women's contributions to society and that we've come a long way, it's also a day to reflect on the fact that we have a long way to go. According to Caroline, International Women's Day is significant, "we must stand together and lift each other up – women as well as men – and fight for what we believe in. "The day is a reminder that we need to support each other, not just on this day, but every day.

"Women are powerful creatures and the most beautiful beings I know, inside and out," says Caroline, and she wants the day to be a reminder of how far women have come and that we should be proud of these achievements. More and more women are placed in leadership positions and prioritize careers while still being mothers, and this, to Caroline, is because women are mentally strong. It's a day where women fight for their rights and celebrate their progress while keeping their heads held high, believing in themselves, and doing it confidently.

Stay powerful and dream big

While navigating in a fast-moving industry like the tech industry, finding strength within to move forward is important. There are many ways to find strength, and according to Caroline, she feels most powerful when she believes in herself, step up for what she believes in, and when her look is on point. Whether is the spark in her eyes or a strong outfit to help boost confidence, "we love the feeling of confidence, and there's no doubt that we feel very powerful when we close a big deal!". Having a passion for and doing what you love at the same time is important to Caroline, as well as not being held back by insecurity. That's why Sirène was founded - it's made for all those who need extra security or want to know that they carry security in their pocket while still living life and doing what they love. "If you lose your voice or you're not being heard loud enough, Sirène is there to make sure you're being heard when you need it", and to Caroline, it's the kind of security we all need.

The big issue of assault on women and feeling unsafe is not just a national problem but something that is happening all over the world. This is also why Caroline sees a big international potential and hopes they can build a closer collaboration with the government, thereby developing safe solutions.