A powerful MOS MOSH woman: Loise, Head of Design


A powerful MOS MOSH woman: Loise, Head of Design

The strength & force in being a woman

In celebration of Women’s International Day, we are tuning in on one of our very own, a power woman in our eyes, who believes being a woman is a huge force and strength. For Loise Læborg Madsen, Head of Design at MOS MOSH, strength comes in many forms and should not be mistaken as masculine. Strength also comes across in a feminine form.

Growing up, Loise was the only girl in a herd of 4 brothers. From an early age she was highly aware of the physical differences between boys and girls, especially when they fought as kids and being a girl definitely showed her that she wasn’t the strongest. But she knew she had other advantages and that one of her own personal strengths was the skill of argumentation and that girls could be so much more. Her mother raised her and her siblings while working in a fabric shop and sewing clothes by order. Something that Loise later on in life is very inspired by. Her look upon career and personal life is highly influenced by her mother leading the way and showing that women can do both.

With a background in Industrial Design and a Master’s in pattern making, Loise has been part of the design team at MOS MOSH for 7 years. Six months ago, she became a mother to Axel and that has once again reinforced her view upon womanhood. Along with her hubby their relationship is based on equality and the fact that both parents are equal in raising their child, with all that this entails. There was no doubt in her mind when Loise decided to go back to work, after a short maternity leave. She loves to work. She also loves being a mother, and of course she can do both! Being back at work makes her a better and happier mother to Axel, because she is filled up with positive energy when she gets home. This makes her a complete woman. It’s a huge force to Loise that women possess so many skills and choose to use these skills in a positive way to become a more complete person.

"This day is for everybody. It starts with you"

Women’s International Day is a day of raising awareness about equality to Loise. “This day is for everybody. It starts with you and what you expect”, she says, and she is very aware of the fact that she does not want to be a man, neither as a stereotypical masculine man nor positioned in life. She is proud to be a woman and standing by her vulnerability and that women, by nature, are very empathic. Which hold great power. This is something she wants to pass on to Axel and teach him that women can be and do whatever they want, regardless of age, ethnicity, hair length or the clothes she wears. She is proud to be part of MOS MOSH and part of an organization run by more than 78% women. Loise is one of many strong women at MOS MOSH, the entire organization is filled with powerful and skilled women who make MOS MOSH so unique. Strong women are always top of mind in the organization, both in the design process, the women we design for and the good causes MOS MOSH support every year. Together we make each other stronger.