Spring Summer 2024 Sales Meeting


Spring Summer 2024 Sales Meeting

Spring Summer 2024 Sales Meeting 


A few weeks ago, we gathered our lovely team of agents for our annual June sales meeting, presenting the Spring Summer 2024 collection. Our Fashion Show took place at Lindely - a local Danish winery, and the sales meeting at our stunning showroom in the heart of Kolding. It was two amazing days with lots of laughter, food, and of course, our live fashion show in amazing surroundings.

MOS MOSH talks with Claus Pedersen, owner of Lindely

Our Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show was held in beautiful surroundings at Lindely - a local Danish winery that runs one of the biggest wineries in Denmark. The Winery is located close to Kolding Fjord, giving the Winery the most optimal conditions for growing vines in Denmark. 

We talked with Claus Pedersen, who, together with his wife Mette, are the owners, about their daily work and their passion behind running a winery in Denmark:

"My wife and I had a dream about working on a project together. And one day, we saw this Winery for sale and fell for it. – Maybe because of my passion for taste, as I have a background as a chef.

In the beginning, we didn't know anything about producing wine. But we had a huge knowledge of creating events and experiences as I, besides having a background as a chef, also have been a sales manager for 17 years. Therefore, my background might be more brand and sales-specific than food and wine specific. My wife and I have always been interested in creating a place for experiences, and then this Winery was for sale - it just made sense for us because of all the fun things you can do together with producing wine. But it hasn't been easy, and everything has been learned by doing; today, it's a lifestyle for us. 

It's hard to describe our daily work as it depends on the weather. As a joke, we call Lindely for Fredericia station, meaning we must work as fast as we can when the "train" comes - when the warmer weather arrives, we must work as much as possible as everything depends on the weather. This means our workload is seasonal. We harvest in October and are responsible for the whole process ourselves. In our Winery, we press our grapes, ferment them, and filter them. We are also responsible for the bottles and labels for our grapes. All steps are made with craftsmanship.

You never know how the days will look as we are much more than a typical winery. We do a lot around the wine, such as big events like weddings, catering, fairs, etc. We are, therefore, not only in our wine yard but also out meeting possible customers at fairs. To have a Winery in Denmark demands much more than "just" producing wine. It's also about hosting events and being good at selling wine. Wine in Denmark is only around two pct. of the total sales, it's basically nothing, but I think it has come a long way from where it began, and many have taken Danish wine to heart today. We can see it in our sales -We sell much more than before, and the Danish wine quality has greatly increased - Our turnover is five times as much as before.

Our bestseller is rosé, as the Danish weather is made for rosé. We have three kinds of rosé and see significant potential in our light wines. We love making rosé, white wine, bobbles, and dessert wines – and we are good at it in Denmark. My favorite wine is our "is vin". It's a special Danish dessert wine we are good at producing here in Denmark and a Danish counterpart to ice wine – we've made our version, which I think is better."