Pack your suitcase for this year's autumn getaway


Pack your suitcase for this year's autumn getaway

Going somewhere this autumn?

Then we found some of our new autumn favorites that are perfect for a getaway.
These are our vacation heroes right now, and if you still don't know where to go, we also made a miniguide below to 2 of our preferred destinations this autumn.

Shirts & Knits
Shirts and knits are essential in the wardrobe as they are versatile and perfect with just about anything.

Thora V-neck Knit // Enola Oxford Long Shirt // Zahra Rollneck Knit Slipover
Jeans classics
A pair of jeans is a must in the suitcase when travelling in autumn.
These are our favorites right now. 
   Relee Young Jeans // Sumner Zole Jeans // Naomi Tone Trok Jeans

Powerful Suits
Suits always look stylish, and we think they are perfect for an autumn getaway.
These are our go-to at the moment.
Bine Leia Blazer // Ivory Zendal Blazer // Kenal Jacq Blazer 

Trendy Jackets
The weather can be a bit tricky when travelling in the autumn season.
Therefore, a jacket is always a great idea when packing.

Tony Mix Coat // Darcy Eloni Jacket // Aimee Down Jacket

Our miniguide to 2 cool getaways this autumn

New York

New York is always a great idea as a getaway, and why not go there this autumn when the weather is not too cold or warm?
New York is the city of dreams and possibilities. It's the city that never sleeps, the home of various cultures, and a destination where everybody is welcome.

  Here are our 3 must-sees when travelling to New York: 

Dominique Ansel Bakery
This bakery is world famous for its cronuts, which are half doughnut and half croissant, and we get the hype. The line is long, but It's so delicious and worth the wait.Read more about Dominique Ansel Bakery here.

High Line Park
The High Line is a public park and free for everyone to visit. It's built on an elevated rail structure that runs from Gansevoort St. to Manhattan's West Side, founded in 1999 to prevent it from being demolished. Today it's a public space that many New Yorkers and tourists visit every year to experience the beauty of design, art, and nature.

We recommend walking from High Line Park to the extraordinary Little IslandRead more about High Line Park here.

La Pecora Bianca
Italian food is always a great choice, and this is no exception in New York. La Pecora Bianca is one of our favorite Italian dining experiences. At this restaurant, you'll get amazing pasta dishes and tasty rosé.Explore more about La Pecora Bianca here.   

Read more about our trip to New York here.



Paris is one of our favorite destinations as it's not too far away and is perfect for a couple of days in the autumn season. Paris has many must-visit areas, and we particularly like the cool Pigalle quarter. A quarter known for the cabaret Moulin Rouge, art museums, and glamorous cocktail bars.

Here are our 4 must-sees when travelling to Paris:

Bouillon Pigalle
If you want to try a French bistro when visiting Paris, this is the place to go. We went there and can recommend their Soupe à l’oignon, Bæuf bourguignon, lard fume, coquilettes, profiterole, glace au lait and chocolat chaud.Explore more about Bouillon here.

Sacré Coeur
If you haven't already visited Sacré Coeur, it's a must when walking in the Montmartre area. This basilica is an iconic monument. It's located at the top of the Butte Montmartre with a stunning panoramic view over Paris. Inside the building, you'll find remarkable mosaic decorations and a crypt. Walking to Sacré Coeur or taking the old Funiculaire from the bottom of the hill is possible.Explore more here.   

Frenchie Pigalle
This famous restaurant is known for its cuisine inspired by chef Gregory Marchand's international travels. The seasonal ingredients inspire each dish. We especially love their smoked ricotta.Read more about Frenchie Pigalle here.

La Boule Noire
La Boule Noire is located in Montmartre and was once known as one of France's biggest and most famous cabarets, after the Moulin Rouge. It was recently converted into a concert venue and has welcomed extraordinary artists through time. Its interior décor has a cool 70s flair, which is an experience in itself. A cool and eclectic place to be.Explore more about La Boule Noire here.

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