LY22: Behind the scenes


LY22: Behind the scenes


MOS MOSH in Paris

Our LY22 collection is here soon! It's shot in Paris's eclectic and trendy Pigalle quarter. A quarter known for the cabaret Moulin Rouge, art museums, and glamorous cocktail bars. A district filled with colourful architecture and the home of the chic Parisienne, who always knows the places to be. It's the liveliest area in Paris and the perfect backdrop for our LY22 collection. 


Le Pigalle Hotel

A part of our campaign was shot at Le Pigalle Hotel. This extraordinary gem is located in the Pigalle district and is known for its strong Parisian identity. All rooms show Pigalle's historical, modern, and multicultural images–every room is unique and filled with personality and souvenirs.


Le Rouge Nightclub

Furthermore, we went to Le Rouge. It's known for bringing sensational Parisian nights alive with its velvet-draped interiors and ambiance. It was once a cabaret and today a modern nightclub where everyone can meet and dance all night.

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