Go green and wear all colours of the rainbow


Go green and wear all colours of the rainbow

We live in a world where sustainability has become the new buzzword. It’s a word we hear just as often as the weather prognosis on TV. But it’s a word we need to take seriously, especially when working in the fashion industry. We cannot just sit back and let others take the lead, at MOS MOSH we know that we have to take action and initiative.

We care about the environment. We care about the people involved in every process of production, and we care about making garments that don’t burden our planet. We know the importance of protecting the planet’s resources, for a better production and better tomorrow. When we design new collections, we consider the lifespan of every garment. They must be of high quality, made to last and easy to recycle.

We are what we do

We don’t want to cast shadows, but instead we want the light to pass through us. We believe in transparency and making the sustainable journey visible every step of the way; from the sources of our fabrics and fibers, to the people we work with and their workings conditions. We decided a long ago to only work with the best partners, who share the same core values as us. Therefore, when selecting fabrics and fibers we source and use high quality materials, that are considered less impactful on the environment. Many of our styles are made from sustainable and recycled fabrics, never compromising with fit, high quality and the unique MOS MOSH DNA.

Choosing responsibly is a high priority for us. We are proud members of BCI: Better Cotton Initiative, an initiative protecting environmental, social and economic issues. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of Mass Balance. When you buy a MOS MOSH cotton garments you help minimizing the harmful impact on cotton crops. The farmers also use water efficiently, compared to conventional cotton production.

Saving water one drop at a time

In 2018 we set a goal to produce 89% of our garments within Europe by 2020. We did it and we are so proud of this! By now more than 90% of our production is made in Europe. By producing in Europe, we able to work closely with our suppliers, always ensuring long lasting and high-quality garments. The shorter distance to our suppliers is a great advantage, because we reduce our transportation resources and C02-footprint.

We’re all in this together

We know we have a responsibility towards a better tomorrow, but we cannot do it alone. At MOS MOSH we want to work closer with our customers in making the process of a MOS MOSH garment more sustainable and easily recyclable. We are all about teamwork and we want you to join us! Together we can make a difference; for us, for future generations and for the planet.