Care Guide: Give your jeans a longer life!


Care Guide: Give your jeans a longer life!

MOS MOSH cares about you and the world we live in. We're committed to making better daily choices by minimising our environmental impact.

MOS MOSH designs timeless, high-quality garments, and we want our garments to have a long lifespan. Therefore, we care about how you treat your favourite jeans, as we wish your jeans will be a part of your wardrobe for many years ahead.

Here's our care guide, which will give your favorite jeans a longer lifespan: 

Wash Less
Washing less is a great way to minimise your environmental footprint. We recommend machine washing your jeans less, as stains or dirt often and easily can get removed by using a damp cloth if needed with a bit of mild soap. 
Harsh machine wash can quickly fade the colour of your jeans, so always turn your jeans inside out and avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Wash at low temperature
If a damp cloth can't clean your jeans, choose to wash them at a low temperature (gentle machine-washing program), use a maximum of 30 ºC, and use an environmentally friendly detergent and dose correctly. It helps your favourite jeans stay new-looking and prevent the colour from fading. 
Another great thing about washing at low temperatures is that it saves energy consumption which is better for the environment.

Air Out
Often jeans are not dirty, they just need a bit of fresh air, and washing can easily be spared. Find a spot with not too much sun to prevent fading, and after a few hours outside, the airing can remove the smell from the clothes, and your jeans will feel fresh again. This method requires no use of energy.

Line Dry 
MOS MOSH recommends washing without using a dryer afterward, as the tumble dryer is hard on your jeans and reduces the total lifespan. When you line dry your jeans, you protect them and prolong their lifespan. Find a shady spot to line dry, to prevent the sun from fading the colour of your jeans.
Another great thing about line dry is that it reduces your C02 footprint, which is better for the environment.


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