The coolness of Cole


The coolness of Cole

The coolness of Cole

If there is anything we know, it’s that stiff suits and harsh materials are a thing of the past when it comes to the modern man’s wardrobe. While we still want garments that are elegant and aesthetically pleasing, we don’t want them to be so delicate that they simply can’t be worn on a daily basis. Looking for refined but not high maintenance clothing is a priority, a lifestyle, if you will. That is why we have Cole...

At MOS MOSH Gallery we always design with a carefree attitude in mind, while still going for that sharp Italian finesse and clean Nordic look. It’s a balance and one we believe is very important! But we must not forget the comfort which is the reason why this journal post has seen the light of day. Comfort shouldn’t be a reason to abandon dress code all together, instead it should make life ever so easier and make you look your best.

Many of our styles are constructed from the amazing Cole quality. A highly durable quality made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane, those two percent making the entire difference in touch and feel. Cole is a super soft fabric, it has the softness of cotton, but the way it’s been treated makes it feel almost silky – at least when worn. It’s super easy to move in due to the comfy stretch, but (perhaps) most importantly of all it is breathable! Cole is ideal for everyday wear and can be found in the collection in jackets and pants.

Casual comfort jackets

With a slight inspiration from workwear, the Milo Cole Jacket and Ryan Cole Jacket are aesthetically appealing and designed with a timeless style in mind. What’s great about these jackets are their versatility – they will make you look good when worn as an overshirt over a soft cashmere knit or simple tee or buttoned as a stand-alone jacket. They even get better in time and more authentic the more there are worn. That is the beauty of a workwear jacket, it will age beautifully.

Ryan Cole Jacket / Milo Cole Jacket


While they may appear similar, these two jackets offer very different possibilities. Milo is designed with a carefree, almost notably un-designed, aesthetic in mind. It certainly gives us workwear, almost utilitarian military vibes, with the shirt-like construction and chest pockets. Ryan on the other hand can be seen as Milo’s casual cousin who fully embodies the workwear aesthetic. The low front pockets, button closure and sharp collar makes this an easy garment for transitional dressing. It’s really all about how you like your pockets places – the quality is the same and it won’t let you down.

Casual comfort pants

Cole is a quality we are used to working with. The lightweight, the softness and the durability makes it perfect for the man on the go. He, who cannot sit still or he who simply wants to look sharp and appealing but still feel comfortable. It really shouldn’t be so hard to get dressed! Jamie Cole Pant actually makes getting dress in the morning fairly easy. They are the kind of pants that look great with anything, whether you wish to go for a casual tee-and-chino-look or turn it up a notch with a shirt and waistcoat. These pants got you covered (in more ways than one). They are cut in a casual chino fit and to be honest, you won’t want to take them off once you've crawled into them. We swear!

Jamie Cole Pant

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