AW 21: The MOS MOSH muse


AW 21: The MOS MOSH muse

It's time for togetherness 

The world is changed and so is our MOS MOSH muse.
After being separated, It’s time for her to be together with her loved ones.
It’s time for togetherness.

Stronger together

For AW21 we were inspired by our muse. She was longing for quality time with her beloved friends and sought a new adventure. Our muse needed to find a destination with space for new adventures and untold tales between friends. Therefore, she traveled to Villa Magnan in the beautiful Biarritz, France.

A destination filled with history and incredible architecture waiting to be explored - and not just waiting, but also wanting to be explored. A destination made for long walks, laughs, and nostalgic dancing in the evening sun. A hidden treasure that is waking up from its long beauty sleep and ready to meet its guests, being a perfect host for our muse.


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Earthy colours in the wardrobe

For this journey, our muse embraces a wardrobe of graduated prints slightly faded in colour, and beautiful structures to give it an endearing touch. She likes the soft qualities and loose silhouettes with an elegant and stylish twist that is always on-trend.  

Villa Magnan and the quality time with her beloved friends give her a renewed sense of energy and strength, putting a smile on her face.

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