Spring Summer 2024: Behind the scenes


Spring Summer 2024: Behind the scenes

Our Spring Summer 2024 Collection is launching very soon, and here's a peek behind the scenes of the campaign in Florence.

The Spring Summer 2024 Campaign was captured in the heart of Italy, Florence. The city stands as a beacon of art and architectural grandeur. It's a city wrapped in the warmth of Old Hollywood glamour merging with the vibe of the ‘70s, with streets that whisper tales of history and walls that showcase the strokes of legendary artists.

The Duomo, with its magnificent dome by Brunelleschi, stands as a testament to Florence's dedication to beauty and innovation, and The Ponte Vecchio, a bridge lined with shops much as it was centuries ago, encapsulates the charm of the old world while offering a nod to the timeless nature of style and commerce.

Florence is the home of big artists, and the deep connection to art is seen everywhere in the streets, pulsating with creativity and inspiration. Just as Florence is the canvas for artists who defied the conventions of their time, MOS MOSH is the canvas for modern women who dress with an air of relaxed luxury and confident ease. 

Florence is more than a city; it's a symbol of all that is everlasting in style and spirit. A testament to the blending of the old and the new, where every alley holds a story, and every view offers inspiration - an everlasting muse for those who seek beauty in all its forms. Florence is a story of eternal beauty with attention to detail, much like the timeless designs of MOS MOSH. And therefore, the perfect backdrop for this campaign.