The Journey of MOS MOSH Jeans: A word with Annette Svensk Rasmussen


The Journey of MOS MOSH Jeans: A word with Annette Svensk Rasmussen


The Journey of MOS MOSH Jeans

Annette Svensk Rasmussen is our Jeans Designer and is creative to the bone. She's been working with jeans at MOS MOSH for over six years – first as a production controller and then afterward as a designer. This combination makes Annette a true jeans expert, as she knows everything from production to design, creating the perfect jeans fit. We chatted with Annette about what inspires her work, how she keeps the MOS MOSH DNA in each jeans design, and the journey of the MOS MOSH jeans.

What inspires you in your work?
I get inspiration everywhere. The inspiration comes in various contexts, e.g., social media platforms, our MOS MOSH trend business trips to different European cities, when I'm walking in nature or watching a movie. It can be by small details, a shape, or a colour – almost all things can turn into creative thoughts, making new design ideas. Most importantly, I aim for my designs to give confidence and comfort.

Which Jeans was first designed at MOS MOSH?
It all began with seven pairs of trousers by the founder of MOS MOSH, Kim Hyldahl. Among these signature DNA jeans were our popular MMNaomi jeans. MMNaomi is our signature jeans, characterized by its good fit, authentic, beautiful wash, and stunning decoration on the front pockets.

How has the journey of jeans been? And what are the most popular today?
The jeans created more than 13 years ago are still included in our collection. We follow the new trends and innovate, but we remain true to our DNA. From day one, MOS MOSH jeans have been feminine and carried a sense of rock and roll at the same time. The good fit has been crucial; we design with the environment and climate in mind in high quality, and that little twist that makes our MOS MOSH jeans unique. Today, our collections have several different fits, including more trendy fits like Barrel, oversized casual jeans, and Cargo denim. But MMNaomi is still our bestselling jeans to this day.

How do you keep the MOS MOSH DNA in each jeans design?
MOS MOSH has a strong DNA that has to be a part of our new designs, so it's clear to the customer that they are wearing MOS MOSH – this is mainly done through our recognizable small details, combined with new trends.

Why are jeans important in any wardrobe?
Jeans are a must-have in every wardrobe. First, because of the multiple looks you can create with jeans. Furthermore, the different fits that make it easy to find the perfect fit, no matter your body shape. Moreover, jeans are always on-trend, as they never go out of style. Therefore, they are always in the fashion universe, even though they might have various looks.