Gastro with attitude: Gallery. Gimlet


Gastro with attitude: Gallery. Gimlet

Gastro with attitude: Gallery. Gimlet

Meet Gallery. Gimlet

A new take on an old classic - made with our Gallery. Craftsman Gin.
A modernized version of Gimlet, freshened up with champagne and orange sirup.

Wanna have a taste? Gallery. Gimlet is here to stay.


4 cl Gallery. Craftsman Gin 

2 cl freshly pressed lemon juice 



Orange sirup

Garnish: orange peel


Add the gin, lemon juice, and orange syrup to a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled.

Pour into a chilled cocktails glass.

Top up with champagne and fresh ice.

Finish with a splash of orange sirup and garnish with orange peel.


Gallery. Craftsman Gin

We like gin. So, we made our very own in limited edition.
We named it Gallery. Craftsman Gin. It’s crafted with the same mindset as we do with everything else, made with passion for quality and without compromises. 

Only 200 bottles are produced. They are made solely by hand and in one of the smallest distilleries in the world, Trolden Distillery in Denmark.
Gallery. is all about craftsmanship. Therefore, we decided to partner up with a local distillery, to translate our sense of quality into a well-tasting gin.