SS21: The MOS MOSH muse


SS21: The MOS MOSH muse

A world of creativity & tranquility 

In a world that have changed so dramatically over a short period of time, the need to slow down and explore the true values within are greater than ever. Everything has been put into perspective since the world as we knew it changed overnight. Now more than ever a break from everyday life is needed, taking the time to breathe and relax. Doing things that nourish the soul, that inspire and creating something from scratch with your own hands.

A life of meaning and creativity

For SS21 we were inspired by our muse who sought towards a simpler life, a life of meaning and creativity. She has one destination in mind; her favorite villa in Tuscany. Surrounded by the most serene nature, leaving room for creative thoughts.
As she packs her suitcase, she brings only garments that have significance and spark joy. The softness of a wool sweater, the crisp cotton shirt, her favorite jeans and a dress for quiet dinners in the courtyard. Lastly, she packs her art supplies. Coal, paper and paint, as well as her favorite book, read so many times that the binding is almost unrecognizable.


She knows the villa allows for immersion and tranquility. She’s been there every summer and this year feels even more special than the last. It’s like home away from home, a creative residence. A place to find kindred spirits with the same creative nerve. Here she can breathe in the clean air and use the time for immersion and soak deep into a world of creation. Let the creative hand lead and dive deeper in.

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