SS24 Designer's Choice

SS24: Designer's Choice

Designer’s Choice is our designers favourite fashion styles, patterns, and colours from our collections. This is our SS24 Designer’s Choice where each selected style is a DNA piece from MOS MOSH.

Entering a season of hope and light, we are drawn to colours and soft silhouettes. Spring is a season filled with occasions, and all our senses are awakened again. Dreamy styling and comfort are the essence of this collection, and we can't wait to wear it!


A classic navy suit is always a good idea in your wardrobe - no matter season. The lightweight floaty MMAura Cello Blazer with the wide MMFleur Cello Pant is a new navy must-have from this collection. The fabric has a shiny structure and drapes beautifully. We would style it with casual white sneakers, such as our new MMOrlean Fray Sneaker, or with a heel for an elegant look.

This collection has a cool selection of summer blazers, and the colourful checked MMBetti Lupe Blazer is an easy look. It has a raw structured ground fabric with fine nobs. This blazer is great to style with jeans or pants. To give a new look to the blazer and Jeans/pants styling, we would wear it with a Knit Top underneath, as it looks feminine.

This collection’s It-blazer is the stunning SPLina Sinu Blazer. It has a rich look with all the colours in the jacquard fabric and looks fantastic styled with MMColette Pala Jeans and MMGethi Deco tee, giving it that extra 70’s vibe - it’s also amazing when styled with ecru jeans, as you get a Riviera look.

Chloe is a new quality. It comes in three colours, and different shapes. It’s perfect for low-key summer parties and casual looks. The new cropped and sporty fit of MMLulu Chloe Blazer with MMRillo Chloe Pant is super cool when styled with our MMOrlean Fray Sneaker. For a more feminine look, the MMDoha Linen Flat is stunning. The floatiness of the fabric gives the suit a soft light look and feels very comfortable.

Colours and Non Colours

The Spring Summer 2024 collection has a softer colour palette than the previous ones. The colours are toned down, and the look is more classic and pastel. We love the colours and the trendy non-colours; ecru on ecru, white on white, and beige on beige. This collection has a chic summer vibe, and you will find many styling options.

The white tank top is a necessity in every wardrobe this season. We gave it an upgrade and made it in a classy knitted rib. This tank top looks great under any blazer but is also cool when styled alone with jeans or the MMMella Denim Skirt.

We adore the crispy MMJessica Joy Pant styled with the MMYen Lace Blouse. This combination is great as the silhouettes match and has a feminine retro vibe. We especially like this combination with the MMDoha Linen Flat.

Spring always comes with beautiful colours and prints; we have four prints to choose from in this collection. They all have different expressions and base fabrics, which makes them unique and beautiful. The Sarasa print has a vintage look and colour, perfectly fitting our denim.

Getting closer to summer, we love adding more feminine and soft colours, and the bandana print of MMPila Paige Dress is perfect. The bandana print is trendy, and the feminine colours Camellia Rose and Ecru give the print a new look. It gets the extra layer from the jacquard base fabric.

Summer knits

Summer knits usually have their high season in the autumn collections, but we can’t avoid the trend of soft summer knits. This collection has many options, but the MMKarin SS Linen Knit and MMEisley Rib Knit Tank Top are really special. These knits make it possible to style a cool 70’s look with blue denim or just a clean look with white jeans.

Our designers can't wait to wear all the selected styles this spring and summer season. 

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