The prints of Spring

The prints of spring

This season’s collection expands our repertoire with an unprecedented array of prints, offering a sophisticated assortment that includes paisley, vintage, and psychedelic patterns across a variety of garment shapes and styles. The selection is curated for the modern power women who appreciates a blend of classic and contemporary.

MMVerona Cafrin Pant

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MMVerona Cafrin Pant, MMDoha Linen Flat Shoe

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Psychedelic print

Psychedelic swirls are back in fashion, and we love it! It’s a playful twist that add fun to all outfits. The print is cool on its own but definitely also together with the everyday staple, you already own in your closet. Our Onda print styles are finished with psychedelic floral swirls in jacquard that adds a touch of uniqueness to every ensemble.

Floral print

Floral prints continue to flourish in the world of fashion, blossoming across seasons and transcending trends. Incorporating floral prints into attire offers a timeless yet fresh addition to any wardrobe, allowing individuals to express their style. Our Sarasa print styles are finished with a stunning floral print and are perfect for any occasion. 

Graphical print

Graphical prints are visual art, captivating the eye with their vibrant patterns and bold imagery. They offer wearers a unique way to showcase their personality and taste. Our Pictus print styles has an eye-catching graphical print that makes them standout pieces, elevating every outfit. 

MMAstrid Silk Tank Top, MMRita Pictus Pant

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MMKella Pictus Wrap Dress

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Playful Print

Add some joy into your wardrobe with playful prints that are all about fun and flair. These prints are a chic mix of colours, patterns that inspires good vibes. Our Bea print styles are finished with a hand-painted water-coloured print that’s as unique as you are.

Paisley Print

Paisley is an ornamental design which consist of curved teardrop shades known as boteh or buto. Buto is the Persian name for flower. Today Paisley is a chic fashion print and seen on catwalks worldwide. Our Paige print styles are finished with jacquard paisley print touch, making you ready for the summer season to come.