How we care

Since MOS MOSH was founded, fairness has been a cornerstone of our company. We care about each other's well-being, and we care about the world we live in. The fashion industry faces a huge environmental and climate challenge. 

At MOSH MOSH, we have a strong responsibility towards the planet we pass on to our children. We are fully aware that we are not perfect. Still, we're committed to taking responsibility and making better daily choices by minimizing our environmental and social impact across our entire business chain. Our ESG report provides detailed information about our goals, human capital, chemical testing program, fibre tool, strategy, policies, certifications, and performance data. This report is an essential tool on our journey towards being more responsible.

Read our ESG 2021 report here.

Our certifications

MOS MOSH sees certifications as an important part of our responsible journey. For us, it's a transparent and honest way to provide full traceability of the materials through all production stages. The various certificates have a holistic approach and embrace, among others, social responsibility, environmental impact, and/or animal welfare. MOS MOSH is certified across nine internationally recognized standards.

Read more about MOS MOSH certificates and partnerships here.

Our fibre tool

Our garment fiber consumption dominates, by far, our impact on the environment and the people and animals involved in the production. We see the urgent need to reduce these impacts. Therefore, we have developed our fibre tool to help us make more responsible decisions by focusing on using certified, traceable, and recycled materials instead of conventional and virgin fibres.

Our fibre tool is divided into three categories; "fibres we prefer, fibres we like & fibres we try to minimize." These categories define the materials we wish to focus on and perceive as more responsible choices. The choice is based on environmental, ethical, social, and animal welfare impacts. By 2030, 80% of our fibre consumption must come from the categories "fibres we like" and "fibres we prefer." Our fibre tool will be updated regularly.

Read more about the MOS MOSH fibre tool.

Our Policies

We have implemented numerous policies for MOS MOSH to avoid the negative impact across our supply chain. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for the policies listed below.

- Code of Conduct
- Chemical Policy
- Animal Welfare Policy
- Child Labour Policy  
- Anti-Corruption Policy
- Ethical Sourcing Requirements

ReLoved by MOS MOSH

Our vision is to design high-quality garments with a long lifespan, durable qualities, and timeless designs, all to ensure our unique DNA. We believe the most responsible garment is the one you're already wearing and will wear for years to come.

By launching "ReLoved by MOS MOSH" – a secondhand garment universe, we wish to support a circular mindset, giving our garments a chance to be loved again by someone new, not only once but season after season. MOS MOSH wishes to embrace an extended lifespan of our quality clothes. 

Visit ReLoved by MOS MOSH platform here.

Designed with heart, worn with passion, loved forever