The Waistcoat Edition


The Waistcoat Edition

The Waistcoat Edition

It’s a wardrobes staple that embraces both classic formal wear and rock’n’roll coolness. The waistcoat has gone through several changes over time, originally introduced by British royalty in the 16th century. Eventually worn as a formal clothing piece by the court and later on by businessmen in the nineteenth century. 

It came into fashion again in the 1960s and 70s with a more casual approach towards the garment. The colours and prints were sharp and bold, but today the waistcoat is still considered a formal piece of clothing in men’s wear. It’s both fashionable and versatile, leaving room for plenty of styling opportunities.

Robert Check Waistcoat

Classic or casual? That is the question

It can be worn as a part of a classic three-piece suit, making the look very formal and almost business-like, enhancing the sharp look of a suit. On the other hand, the waistcoat also reminisces workwear attire with a more casual approach. Especially when the fit is designed in a more relaxed silhouette. It can also be worn with jeans and a matching blazer. Quite frankly, there are not a lot of rules when it comes to the waistcoat.

Turner Check Waistcoat
Andrew Newton Waistcoat

The Waistcoat Rule

But there is one rule that is absolute, when it comes to wearing a waistcoat: The bottom button should always be left open. At all times!

Melvin Waistcoat

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