New showroom - new season


New showroom - new season


Our new showroom located in the very heart of Denmark in our hometown Kolding, is something special. 

It's a very traditional splendor example of a building, with a great line of history. For many years it was the head of local bank, but more important the head quarter of the Danish National Bank of Kolding division as a major nationwide strategy to locally administrate mortgage- and loan assessments. But also to generate a monetary flow in the respective regions. The division was set to shut down in the year of 1968, due to a bigger reconstruction of strategy and higher level of metropolarization. 


We immediately fell in love with the vibe, old construction and history. The history stays alive with the architecture. An old bank box is still installed and function as small meeting room. 


Sunday 9th of January 2022, we had the pleasure of inviting a handfull of our agents, to our bi-annual sales meeting. This time for showcasing our Autumn 2022 collection, which will be available in retail as from August. 

The collection is wider than ever. Representing the essential of MOS MOSH Gallery - great commercial craftsmanship. Scandinavian look with an Italian edge.