The creative process of a copywriter: A word with Sabina Zink


The creative process of a copywriter: A word with Sabina Zink

The creative process of a copywriter: A word with Sabina Zink
Sabina Zink is our Copywriter and Communication Specialist at MOS MOSH and has worked within this area for the past six years. She's been a part of the MOS MOSH family since 2021 and sees her job as a creative world with (almost) no limitations. We chatted with Sabina about what inspires her work, her creative process, and how she keeps the MOS MOSH DNA in her daily work as a Copywriter and Communication Specialist at MOS MOSH.

What does a Copywriter and Communication Specialist do at MOS MOSH?
As a Copywriter and Communication Specialist at MOS MOSH, I am responsible for the tone of voice and overall communication. This means I am responsible for writing everything from the storylines of our new collections to our half-yearly books, LinkedIn posts, blog posts, SEO, Guides, Sustainability texts, product texts, etc. Every week is different with a new focus area, and it's always exciting with all the various textual tasks landing on my desk. 

What inspires you in your work?
I find inspiration almost anywhere. MOS MOSH's tone of voice is poetic and filled with adjectives, which I love, and therefore, I find inspiration primarily through poems, songs, and movies. It can be anything from old poetic writers to new ones like Rupi Kaur, who, in my humble opinion, is one of the best poets out there. Furthermore, I also get inspired by social media and magazines – how they are wording their storylines, e.g., interviews with cool views.  

Why are you passionate about copywriting and communication?
I think it's because of the amount of creativity. When writing, you open a door into a creative world where you are the creator of the story, and I love that. It's fun to create textual universes and storylines. It's also challenging, especially when you are given a task about something the reader might find hard to understand or "boring," and you need to make it attractive and fun to read – but that is also something that motivates me - Being able to make something from nothing that people would love to read. Words are a fantastic way to express yourself. Some express themselves when designing or building houses, and I do when writing. Putting my thoughts down on paper as words and stories makes me happy.

What MOS MOSH projects are you most proud of and why?
I'm proud of many projects I've done at MOS MOSH. But especially our books that come out every half year, where I write the storylines of our collections and interview my talented colleagues. Furthermore, I really loved how our Heart Sport universe turned out with its focus on mental health and diversity.

What's your creative process? How do you know the textual theme of each collection, and how do you keep the MOS MOSH DNA?
When you are given a task as a copywriter and communication specialist, I think many believe you will know what to write immediately. And that may be correct, sometimes for me. But just as often, I don't know what I will write. Like other creative jobs, I need time to be creative and figure out how I will write the storyline before writing it. There is not always a clear answer coming to me. Sometimes, it can be a frustrating process, but mostly, it's a fun process. I need inspiration and time to play around with the words, so they are getting the right wording. Like everything else in MOS MOSH, it's all about the details. The details are giving the perfect finish when writing.

When making the storyline for a new collection, I always talk with our Head of Design regarding the collection first. Here, I get information about the expression and thoughts behind the collection. After that, I will find a theme that fits the designers' thoughts and use that theme as the central story of the collection and, afterward, build the whole textual storyline with the MOS MOSH tone of voice to keep the DNA.