DIY: Upgrade your knit to a chic sweater vest


DIY: Upgrade your knit to a chic sweater vest

Upgrade your knit to a chic sweater vest

An unexpected type of clothing has made its way onto the fashion scene this season. The sweater vest. Giving us major grandad vibes and flashbacks to the ‘90s, the sweater vest surely has placed itself as one of the hottest trends for autumn. If you look to powerhouses like Gucci, Prada, and Dior these absolutely made their way onto the runway and made us all gasp longingly after this unexpected trend.

Let’s be honest, it is a rather perfect clothing item for the autumn season as its warm but not too warm. Autumn can still surprise us when it comes to temperatures dropping or even rising, switching from chilly winter-like days to those astonishing Indian Summer vibes, making getting dressed even harder.  This is where the sweater vest is absolutely perfect.

If you wish to try the trend out but don't want to invest in a new garment, we made a DIY guide on how to upgrade an old knit to an on-trend sweater knit. What’s even better? Upgrading is very sustainable, so, pull out your sewing machine and go to town!

You will need

  • A sewing machine
  • Tread in preferred colour
  • Sewing pins
  • A pair of scissors

How to

  1. Lay knit flat on table. Turn inside out and mark where you want to cut off sleeves.
  2. Cut off sleeves. Use the shoulder seems as guidelines.
  3. Fold in the sleeves to avoid unravelling, pin and sew.
  4. Turn the vest right-side again.
  5. Voila! It’s ready to be worn.

    How to style it

    A sweater vest is so easy to style. It can be worn over classic tailored shirts for a sophisticated look, it can be dressed down with just a soft cotton tee or even layered over a dress. Be creative, dare to try new things out – wear with love.

    Mattie Sustainable Shirt / Tilda AW Shirt / Mattie Stripe Shirt

    If you wear it with a ruffled item, for example a shirt with ruffled sleeves, you bring a whole new romantic and feminine twist to the chunky knit. Pairing it with a tailored shirt makes it a perfect office-ensemble.

     Jodie Jive Shirt / Tua Blur Shirt / Jodie Tory Shirt

    Try styling your sweater vest with a printed shirt, especially if the vest is in a solid color. Then a printed shirt will add a little extra to your outfit.

    Saba Blur Dress / Amanda Flower Dress / Fawn Cassie Dress

    The dress and jumper-combi has been on trend for quite a few seasons, but why not try upgrading this familiar styling option with a sweater vest instead? It’s a great way to keep warm while still showing off those delicate dress details.

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