Dear Santa...


Dear Santa...

All we want for Christmas

Who wouldn't love to unwrap one (or more) of these favorites on Christmas Eve?
We all know that the best presents come in soft wrappings and we have found some favorites that are sure to end up on our Christmas list. Enjoy the soft touch of a lovely cotton knit or a glamorous upgrade with a new pair of jeans, decorated with the most beautiful details. Or fall in love with one of our all-time favorite shirts and add a feminine twist to your outfit. Whatever you desire, we have the right present for you!

Lin Stripe Knit

Wrap yourself in this stunning stripe knit, crafted in soft cotton and wool-blend and simply perfect for the season. We love the luxurious button detailing at the shoulder. A true favorite at MOS MOSH.

Perla Tile Blouse // Sumner Sazz Jeans

Our Perla Tile Blouse is sure to add a feminine touch to your outfit. The shimmery silver shine beautifully when the light hits the stunning print, making this an ideal blouse for festive occasions.
Sumner Sazz Jeans are the perfect combination of edgy rock’n’roll and sassiness. Full of stunning details, raw undone hem to balance the glamorous look and simply divine when it comes to fit. We truly adore these!

Mattie Sustainable Shirt

An all-time MOS MOSH favorite! Our Mattie Sustainable Shirt is unlike any other shirt you will find. It's made to fit like a glove in the softest sustainable stretchy fabric. The feminine ruffled sleeves are our favorite thing about it. Style it under a warm knit and let the ruffles peep out from the cuffs.

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