AW21: Behind the scenes of remarkable Villa Magnan


AW21: Behind the scenes of remarkable Villa Magnan

 A Sleeping beauty hidden in Biarritz

We shout our Autumn Winter 2021 campaign at the most remarkable location,
the Villa Magnan in beautiful Biarritz.

With a magical colour palette of pale pink, smoky blue, yellow, and orange, Villa Magnan is a true fairytale. This property is a hidden treasure where time stands still and imposes a calmness. Villa Magnan has a perfect harmony between the buildings and the park, with wild trees that have lived for more than a hundred years.

The villa was unoccupied for nearly eighty years and can indeed be referred to as a sleeping beauty. We can’t imagine how this beauty ever was abandoned. It was only housed by Spanish aristocrats (the Fabiola line, the queen of the Belgians and her parents) in the 1930s and was later on vacated completely. Now it's waking up from its long sleep with help from the current owners that have restored the chateau to its former glory days, keeping all the original and charming details.

If walls could talk

The heart of Villa Magnan is Villa Château with arched doors. Its 1,400 m2 with remarkable architecture and Art Deco interior in the heart of the park. An incredible Art Deco archive.
If walls could talk, these would surely have some tales to tell. This is where our AW21 collection came to life.

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