LY22: A homage to the urban environment


LY22: A homage to the urban environment

Late Year 2022 is a homage to the urban environment and a celebration of the streets, partying whenever and wherever you want. 

It's all about powerful, vibrant, and versatile looks. Elevating every day with striking prints, glam looks, and bold colours in trendy, looser silhouettes, where the softness and feminine meet the modern masculine, putting a chic twist to it. All looks made to fit into the year-round wardrobe.

We shot our Late Year 2022 campaign in Paris's eclectic and trendy Pigalle quarter. A quarter known for the cabaret Moulin Rouge, art museums, and glamorous cocktail bars. A district filled with colourful architecture and the home of the chic Parisienne, who always knows the places to be. It's the liveliest area in Paris and the perfect backdrop for our LY22 collection.

Our LY22 collection is inspired by the chic Parisienne. The Parisienne is known for her flawless, laidback style and timeless way of dressing. A Parisienne is always wearing items that are flattering and confidence-building. Her way of dressing is famous as it makes her feel confident and great. She has a certain view on life, a freer and more effortless one, and her wardrobe is a curation of essential items that are versatile and perfect all year round.

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