AW20: Behind the scenes


AW20: Behind the scenes

In a slow pace on the Sunshine Island

Placed in the Baltic Sea the island of Bornholm rises with its serene landscape and wonderous cliff formations. The small island, that is part of Denmark, holds the most unexpected nature - a lifelike fairytale waiting to take your breath away.

We shot our AW20 campaign on Bornholm, also known as the Sunshine Island. We wished to go back to our Danish roots with this photoshoot, embracing the wonders of the Danish nature and how much Denmark has to offer. In a country so small it is incredible how different the landscape can change, and Bornholm truly is a wonder to behold.

This little island is the ideal place of calm and tranquility, a pocket in time where you can slow down and get away from the fast-pacing everyday life. It is the place to be when wishing to slow down, enjoying the fine white beaches, the spectacular yet dramatic rock formations and laid-back atmosphere.


A tribute to the new season

This AW20 collection pays tribute to the new season by introducing a soft earthy colour palette with red and rosy shades, that fall like feminine flower petals on the collection. We take a slight step back from the bright colours and move towards a more refined and quieter color scheme. A colour palette that is only enhanced by the wonderous nature and landscape of Bornholm.

Refined silhouettes with wide leg pants, flawless tailoring, flowy pleated skirts and effortless prints are some of the key items for this season. The sharp leather pieces create an edgy, rock ’n’ roll contrast to the earthy hues of brown, green and grey.