A Staycation to remember


A Staycation to remember

A Staycation to remember

The summer we envisioned ourselves having when the year began looks slightly different right now. Collectively we have been thrown on a rollercoaster ride of emotions during these past few months, with the promise of the world going back to normal, soon.
As the world is gradually starting to open again the dream of a get-away is slowly starting to erupt like a volcano in our travel-hungry minds. Whether is it laying on a beach on Bali, strolling down the Champs-Élysées or hiking in the Scottish Highlands. But in that process of dreaming of faraway exotic destinations, we might have forgotten something quite important – what our own country has to offer.

Denmark isn’t just Denmark. It’s remarkable and full of wonder. It’s basically a playground of endless possibilities – if the weather behaves, that is. But hey, rain and a little wind also has its charm and there are plenty of indoor activities to go around. Let’s be honest, our mother’s advice regarding proper clothing and ability so say ‘there is no such thing as bad weather’ is quite fitting these days.

So, if you are spending your vacation days in Denmark, we made a guide for you to go explore this small but extraordinary country. We will guide you on where to stay, where you get the most authentic cup of coffee, the cutest cakeshops or breathtaking nature experiences. Get packing…

Magical places to spend the night

Rye 115 Hotel, Copenhagen

Looking for authenticity and that homey hotel feeling? A skip from Trianglen on Østerbro in Copenhagen the wonderful little Rye 115 Hotel opens its doors to the epitome of Danish ‘hygge’. The family run hotel has 20 unique rooms, decorated to make the guests feel at home. Rye 115 believes in social relations, common dining, living and bathing facilities and a strong desire to protect the environment. The food is organic and homemade, and the furniture is vintage. The beautifully painted walls exude coziness and the common rooms are a great place to meet new people and share stories about life.

Pictures are borrowed from Rye 115.

Villa Copenhagen, Copenhagen

A hotel experience unlike any other where past, present and future come together. Right across from the Copenhagen Central Station, Villa Copenhagen hotel is a hidden gem and an architectural pearl from 1909. It’s all about luxury, refined interior, blissful atmospheres and social responsibility.
With an almost Vilhelm Hammershøi-ish aesthetic, the rooms are pleasing to the eyes and have a quiet and calming décor. Enjoy a ‘No Panties’ cocktail, followed by a gastronomic dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, made by their experienced chefs. The restaurant practices zero-waste and only work with local suppliers.

Pictures are borrowed from Villa Copenhagen.

Lillero, Asnæs

A contrast to the fast city-living, Lillero is the perfect place to slow down and become one with nature. Forget about your childhood memories about camping and sleeping in a cramped tent, Lillero offers time for presence and depth in the most luxurious glamping tents. Right off Høve Strand and Sejerø Bay you can sleep in tents under the stars, cook over bonfires, enjoy a relaxing time in the sauna after a dip in the sea. Lillero is run by wind power, the food is locally produced, and you can even sign up for a local Food Trail where you get an exclusive peak inside the local vineyards, farmers and agriculture – and yes, there are taste samples! If you want to soak in the surroundings, a stroll on the beach or nearby trails are highly recommended.

Pictures are borrowed from Lillero.

The Norrmans, Klippinge

On the countryside of South Zealand, the small village Klippinge hosts the most extraordinary oasis. The small B&B is all about relaxation, extradinary food, warmth and sensorial inspiration. Enjoy the summer sun from a hammock under a walnut tree, a stroll in the garden or a gastronomic experience with friends and family. Chose to stay in the Stable or the Villa where the rooms are extravagantly decorated in warm, rich colours, eluding homely energies.

Pictures are borrowed from The Norrmans.

Allinge Badehotel, Bornholm

A place that is very dear to us is Allinge Badehotel. It’s located almost literally on the beach where you can swim in the Baltic Sea, soak in the idyllic surroundings and enjoy a nice cup of tea in the garden while looking at the sun setting. Our AW20 campaign was photographed in these stunning surroundings, simply because we love Denmark and Danish nature. It was basically a match made in heaven. Located a short walk to several local restaurants and attractions, this hotel is just the epitome of charm.

Pictures are borrowed from Allinge Badehotel.

GoGlamping, Aabenraa

A fun and different experience in the idyllic Danish nature. Choose between several destinations all around Denmark or spend a night in an old circus wagon in Aabenraa, that may or may not still smell a bit like popcorn and funny clowns. Let the sun shine through the big windows and become one with nature. Fully equipped with bathroom, kitchen, dining and livingroom and large comfortable beds. 

Pictures are borrowed from GoGlamping.

Something sweet & salty for the taste buds

Café Måle Bagerbod, Kerteminde

Forget about busy city cafés, this cute little bakery is run by the sweetest family. It all began with the family’s four children who needed pocket money for a trip to Paris. They asked their mother if they could sell her bread and cakes, and away it went. The bread and baked goods are all homemade and the recipes follow the seasons. Try their sourdough bread or homemade pizzas and a chilled lemonade -it’s to die for!

Pictures are borrowed from Cafe Måle Bagerbod.

Farvergården, Kerteminde

If you haven’t had enough cake or coffee in Kerteminde, the old city museum Farvergården is a nice place to stop by for a cup of coffee or Svalebajer in the courtyard under the green pergola. While the parents enjoy the shade and the blooming garden, the kids can play with old handmade stilts and penny-farthing bikes. Make sure to buy some sweets for the ride home from the nostalgic looking shop.

Pictures are borrowed from Farvergården.

Bon Bon Ice, Copenhagen

Back in Copenhagen, if you are looking for an ice cream experience beyond the usual, do not miss Bon Bon Ice on Frederiksberg. Their gelato is organic and only made with the best ingredients – and the ice cream is all about fun and good times. Try their Aporol Spritz Sorbet, gelato with Key Lime Cheesecake or Rødgrød med fløde (Yes, Danish tongue twister!) or many other fun variants. Enjoy the chilled sweets while visiting their neighbor, Frederiksberg Garden.

Pictures are borrowed from Bon Bon Ice.