NOOS: Never Out Of Style


NOOS: Never Out Of Style

Simply the best

When it comes to building a wardrobe, essentials, basics, lifesavers – whatever you prefer to call them – are a must to invest in. These are the kind of pieces that will serve you right season after season, year after year, merely because they are timeless and impeccably made. Basically, timeless pieces you can dress up and down depending on the occasion and everyday classics that will save you time in the morning.

At MOS MOSH we have a large range of beautiful styles, constructed in timeless designs – an essential collection of all the styles you simply can’t live without. We call this collection NOOS – Never Out Of Style. The collection consists of chic tailoring in the most comfortable qualities, never compromising with style. You will also find super soft denim jeans in beautiful fits and basic tees in organic cotton.

We will give you a quick run-through of our most beloved NOOS styles. Feel free to get inspired and start building your essential wardrobe.

Comfort is key

If there is anything we know, it’s the importance of comfort when it comes to designing. Especially when it comes to our tailoring, it’s designed for daylong wear and you have to be able to move in it. We call it 'comfort tailoring'. For many women a suit is part of their everyday wardrobe, at every season, so naturally the suit has to be suitable (no pun intended) for sitting, standing and walking.

Tailored Blazers

A classic blazer is a must-have in a woman’s everyday wardrobe. It’s such a fundamental piece of a modern power outfit that will make you look sharp and respectable. Our most sold blazer is Blake Night Blazer Sustainable – a style that has been with us for maaaany years. Why? Simply because it’s exquisitely made, the quality screams luxury and the fit never goes out of style. The great thing about a blazer is that it’s such a versatile piece that can be styled with your favorite jeans or with tailored pants, depending on your personal style and preferences.

Blake Night Blazer Sustainable

Tailored Pants

If you are going for the full-on suit look, we have three amazing pair of tailored pants that will fit seamlessly with the Blake blazer. All cut from the same kind of quality, but the fit differs quite a bit, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit to your body type. Frankly, the best version of you!

Blake Night Pant Sustainable / Abbey Night Pant Sustainable / Milton Night Sustainable

Tailored Shirts

As for the shirts, we know there are plenty of body types out there, each one preferring a specific fit. Luckily, we have one for every woman out there, whether you prefer feminine ruffles, a slim fit or wish to go for a more relaxed silhouette. We’ve got you covered!

Mattie Sustainable Shirt

Tilda Sustainable Shirt

Martina Sustainable Shirt / Tina Jersey Shirt

Denim that never goes out of style

It’s no secret that MOS MOSH is known to be a jeans brand: it’s what we do, it’s what we know, it’s what we love. When it comes to the perfect pair of jeans, we leave nothing to chance. Since jeans are such a huge part of many women’s wardrobes and have been for years, we also know the importance of creating fits that are amazing and sculpt you in all the right places.
You can never go wrong with blue and black jeans in a flattering slim silhouette. They work wonders with any outfit, they save you from a lot of wardrobe crises and you can dress them up and down for almost any occasion. Whether you prefer them styled with a classic cotton tee for a laid-back look or elevated with a sharp blazer and tailored shirt for a chic office look, our jeans are here to make you look great and feel amazing!

Alli Core Jeans Blue / Alli Core Jeans Black

Victoria 7/8 Silk Touch Jeans Blue / Victoria 7/8 Silk Touch Jeans Black

Basic at its best

It’s no wonder the basic cotton tee is one of the world’s most sold wardrobe pieces. It’s classic, it’s timeless, it looks great and it goes with almost anything. Building a wardrobe with a simple cotton is a must! If you are going for a slightly relaxed tailored look a cotton tee is a great way to tone down a suit, without looking sloppy. Trust us, it will still look amazing. Just tuck it into the pants and voila! You can even add sneakers if you want to complete the laid-back look, and perhaps even a strong lipstick if you’re feeling bold.

Arden Organic O-neck Tee

For days where you desire a comfier and more relaxed look, paring a crisp cotton tee with your favorite jeans is always a good idea. It’s no wonder that jeans and tees never go out of style. Even James Dean and Marlon Brando never wore anything but jeans and a white tee and they are still considered style icons when it comes to rocking this simple look. While we are no James or Marlon, the combination of jeans and a tee is still considered flattering and one of the most timeless outfit ensembles. If you wish to capture your inner rock star, sunglasses are always a good idea!
Basically, it’s all about the accessories, if you have the clothes down, styling with either sneakers or heels make the whole difference. From there on out it’s all about how you carry yourself. Wear yourself with pride, respect and love. But wearing a MOS MOSH suit is also a great way to start…