Must-haves for your summer getaway


Must-haves for your summer getaway

Must-haves for your summer getaway

If you are traveling this summer, these vacation heroes might be what you're searching for. And if you need inspiration for destinations, we also made a mini-guide below to 2 stunning MOS MOSH favorite locations for this summer and a packing list that fits perfectly.


 Vacation heroes

Daring Dresses

Colourful dresses are essential when it's time for vacation and warmer weather. All are made in high quality with extraordinary details, which MOS MOSH is known for. These are our favourites right now.

MMPaulene Azelia Dress // MMMatjana Emb Dress // MMShari Planches Dress  


Tops & Blouses

Sommer equals tops and blouses, and these below are versatile and no exception. All are designed in beautiful silhouettes with a modern twist and attention to detail.


MMTonia Planches Top // MMYen Tie Blouse // MMPearce Azelia Blouse

Trendy Tees

You can never have too many tees. Especially not when you are on vacation. Here are our go-to tees that will complete your look every day: 

 MMSizley Dip Dye Tee // MMNala Flounce Tee // MMMarcella O-SS Tee

Shorts & Skirts

Are you looking for the perfect shorts or skirt for this year's getaway? We got you covered. These are our suggestions:

MMEmmi Linen Shorts // MMVicky Sunse Skirt // Naomi Pigment Shorts 


Complete the look with a pair of our stunning slippers, and don't forget to add a pair of sunglasses.

 MMJane Sunglass // MMSicily Leather Slipper // MMKendall Sunglass 

Our mini-guide to 2 beautiful getaways this summer




For us, Mallorca is the perfect getaway or destination for the next summer vacation. It's filled with nature, wineries, fresh seafood, and culture and is the home of picturesque villages, stunning beaches, and creative minds.


These are our 3 must-visit when travelling to Mallorca:


The Magical Village, Deià

Deiá is a breathtaking mountain village and must be visited when travelling to Mallorca. It's truly a hidden gem and the home of creative minds from the worlds of art, literature, film, and music. A quiet place to be, making space for fulfilling one's ideas and expressing yourself without being observed.



Casa Hinges Sóller

If you come by Sóller, when you should stay at Casa Hinges Sóller. A hidden oasis located in the historic heart of Sóller. It's a townhouse with authentic Mallorcan craftsmanship mixed with modern Scandinavian design. Furthermore, it has a beautiful Mediterranean garden filled with bougainvillea, jasmine, and lemon trees. 
Read more about Casa Hinges Sóller here. 


Ca na Marca
If you are visiting Deià, we can recommend trying Ca na Marca. A tasty local restaurant where they serve delicious food. This is especially a must if you love fresh seafood! 

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Why not try Sicily this summer? This beautiful Island is such an incredible place to see. It's known for its remarkable history, charming villages and towns, and has white sandy beaches, mountains, Baroque architecture, and ancient ruins. What's not to like?

These are our 3 must-visits in Sicily:


Noto is a must-visit when travelling to Sicily. Noto is known as the Golden City of Sicily, and we understand why. It has stunning golden Baroque architecture, and the sunset bathes the building in a remarkable golden glow. In all, just magical to visit. 

Casa Balat
Are you looking for the perfect place to stay in Sicily? Then we can recommend Casa Balat. A 300-year-old farmhouse set in the hills above Noto. It has a saltwater pool, an outdoor kitchen, and a huge garden. Truly a dreamy location to stay.

 Pictures borrowed from Casa Balat. 


Caffè Sicilia
If you are in for a treat, then try the delicious Cannolos at Caffè Sicilia in Noto. They are the best and make us wanna come back as soon as possible.

Pictures borrowed from Caffè Sicilia.



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