LY21: The MOS MOSH muse


LY21: The MOS MOSH muse

Ready for the festive season to come


Our MOS MOSH muse missed going out with her friends, and now she is ready for the festive season to come. 

Therefore, she went out with her closest friends. For this night out, she picked an outfit that mastered a cool rock’n’roll vibe and a longed-for sprinkle of sequins and metals to give it some flash.

This night was all about good laughs between missed friends, extraordinary food, and dancing like nobody’s watching in the dark.


The magic transformation from day to night 

Our LY21 collection is inspired by our MOS MOSH muse. She’s going out again. For this, she needs a versatile wardrobe of styles that easily can be dressed up and down, switching from casual chic during the day to elegantly festive at night.