DIY: Turn your jeans into cool shorts


DIY: Turn your jeans into cool shorts


DIY: Turn your jeans into shorts

Picture this: It’s soon summer, and you need a pair of new shorts. Your favorite pair of jeans just got a big hole on the left leg. Don’t throw away your jeans as there are various solutions for this issue. One of those is to clip off the legs, making your old favorite jeans into your new favorite shorts – just in time for summer.

Try this simple ‘Upgrade your jeans to cool summer shorts” DIY below - a life hack for everybody who loves an easy transformation project with how-to steps (without hard-to-read sentences and confusing patterns).  

Upgrading your old favorite jeans to shorts is not only smart but also a more responsible choice than buying a new pair of shorts. So, what’s not to like?




This is what you need:

- A sewing machine
- Iron
- Thread in preferred colour
- Sharp scissors
- Tailor’s Chalk
- Tape measure
- Jeans Needle for sewing machine
- Pins


How to:  

  1. Try on your jeans and mark with chalk how long you want your shorts. (,eg.,: Take off jeans and) Add 3cm for the seam below the marked line.
  2. Cut off leg on one side.
  3. Lay your jeans folded on the table and make sure that the waist and sideseam are aligned.
  4. Cut off the next leg at the same length as the first.
  5. Turn shorts inside out.
  6. Fold and press the bottom edge (1cm).
  7. Fold and press the edge another 2cm. Fasten the folded edge with pins.
  8. Repeat on the other leg.
  9. Turn right side out and check that length is even and aligned.
  10. Sew hem fold from the right side. Be careful to stitch through all layers of fold.
  11. Remove pins and iron the hemline.
  12. Voila! You have now made your own shorts.

3 ways to style your ‘new’ summer shorts



Style with classic tops

Helia Leia Top // Troy Tank Top  


Style with casual tees

State O-SS Tee // Adore O-SS Tee


Style with feminine blouses

Eisa Cosmos Blouse //  Teela Anglaise Blouse 

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