A hymn to the women of MOS MOSH


A hymn to the women of MOS MOSH

International Women's Day 

We celebrate this year's International Women's Day by interviewing some of our many strong and amazing women at MOS MOSH.


This is a hymn to our company's women. Our organization is run by more than 80% women - all women who inspire us every day with their strength, wisdom, and kindness.

But also, a tribute to women in general as this day is for all women, and we want to let them know how strong and cool they are and how much we appreciate them every day. 

It’s all about women supporting women.

Reflections by our MOS MOSH women

For this interview, we talked about strengths, female role models, motherhood and career and their reflections regarding these important subjects was admirable. 


Helle Raakilde Hviid Christensen // Production-Controller:  

How do you balance the role of being a mother and a career woman?
Fun fact – I don’t see myself as a career woman, and today I don’t’ balance this anymore as my children are grown-ups and moved away from home.
But when they were little, I never strived after being the perfect mom. For me, it was completely okay if the house was a bit messy as everything doesn’t need to be or look perfect. For me, it’s a strength not feeling the need to be perfect, and I still believe this today. It doesn’t matter if things aren’t 100% perfect at home.

I have three children, and when they were little, my husband worked a lot - meaning days, he wasn’t home. Therefore, I had to take it a bit more relaxed as you can’t do everything 100% perfect as a human. For me, imperfection is perfection. It’s a strength that one does not strive to be perfect – we are only humans, and we are okay as we are. And this worked at our home – my children are independent beings today.



Loise Læborg Madsen // Head of Design 

Who is your female role model?
My mother. She lived in a time when she couldn’t do the same things as we can today. A time when certain things were expected of her as a woman. She did what was expected even though she dreamt of much more. She put her dreams aside. She is my female role model as she was true to herself even though she didn’t have the same options as today. She still believed that one should follow their dreams. She gave others the opportunity to live out their dreams. She gave me the opportunity (and raised me) to live out my dream. She lived in a time when she had to be a housewife – she had many children, but she made sure to tell me that I could do everything I wanted to.
I think it’s very big of her to help us reach our dreams when she didn’t have the same opportunities. I think that’s what women can do – they have that extra love to give. Women can make things grow. We are growing children inside us but also growing companies.

Tina Fuglsang-Poulsen // Buying Manager

When do you feel most strong? And when are you most vulnerable? And how do you use these two contradictions?
I feel strongest when I am in balance, both in my work and private life.
Having a sense of balance gives me a lot of energy and drive.
I also feel strong in situations where I have challenged myself and succeeded. So for me, it`s about noticing my weaknesses and blind spots and then challenging them.
Challenge myself to move out of my comfort zone and try things I wouldn`t normally do – whether running a marathon or renovating a house. I learn and grow the most when I get out of my comfort zone, and that makes me feel stronger.



Gitte Henriksen // Accounts Payable

What are you most proud of having achieved at MOS MOSH?
I am really proud to have been a part of MOS MOSH's journey. I have been a big part of this journey, and I have given it all I can with my experiences and positive mind. I think it's fantastic to experience this journey. When I came to MOS MOSH 7 years ago, we were only 16 people (with me), and today we are 46. It's incredible! Even though we are so many today, we are still connected and have a great working environment – and that makes me very proud!

I am very proud to be a part of the MOS MOSH family and the fantastic team we are – e.g., our amazing finance team, where we always help each other. I am proud of the togetherness. Everybody is always helping when needed and positive.

Christina Ingversen // Sales Coordinator

Who is your female role model?
The person I look up to the most is my older sister Henriette who unfortunately isn’t here anymore. Henriette was (and is) the coolest woman I ever knew. She had cancer and fought it with all her power through the years – a fight she unfortunately, lost. She was incredibly strong through the whole cancer process – her mentality was so inspiring. She was the strongest of us all.

Marlene Westergaard Hansen // Sales Trainee

What do you see as your greatest strengths in your work?
I think it's a huge strength that I worked with clothing before. People can call me, and I can help them regarding qualities and alternatives. Furthermore, It's a strength that I never sit still – I am always willing to help, and I love working- Im all in for the ‘yes-hat’ and always positive.

 Dorthe Tørngren // CSR Responsible

How do you balance the role of being a mother and a career woman?
I actually don't see myself as a career woman – but it is essential for me that I have an exciting job.
It can be hard work to balance my time being a mother and having a full-time exciting job, but it is important since I get energy from both. It is important to be present in both places, but It's also important to separate it; when I am at work, I work, and when I am home, I am off and don't think about work. This balance has gotten easier as my daughter now is bigger. I love working as well as I love being a mom – it makes me happy and whole.

Women supporting Women: Together we are stronger