HS21: The MOS MOSH muse


HS21: The MOS MOSH muse

Soaking in nature
& exploring the senses

As the warm sun rises in the horizon, a longing for a carefree and lighthearted summer feeling awakens. A longing that made our muse pack her bag and travel to the Tuscan countryside.

For High Summer 21 we were inspired by our muse who needed a change of scenery, to get inspired and dive deep into a culinary adventure. With an urge to get away from the busy city life, she traveled to a remote villa in Tuscany to slow down and get inspired by kindred spirits.

She needed a change of scenery, a place where she could gather inspiration and recharge. She packed her suitcase with soft garments, airy linen and light essentials, ideal for the warm summer weather.
As she entered the villa, the fragrant smells of the herb garden reached her, immediately tricking her senses. A longing to explore the grounds, tasting every single vegetable in the garden, experimenting with tastes and textures.

The quiet mornings are her favorite, feeling the crisp summer air right at dawn, the dewy grass beneath her bare feet as she walks towards the vegetable garden to pick her favorites. A fragrant smell of herbs and greens fills the air, ready to be experimented with for the garden party later that day.
The villa is full of creative souls looking for peace and tranquility, diving deep into their passions. She already got well acquainted with a painter who, like her, needed a change of scenery. The energy of the villa fills her with a renewed sense of energy and inspiration as she starts preparing the vegetables and the courses for the party later.

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