HEART is an activewear sub-line powered by women for women. It's a movement of strong women supporting each other, focusing on being healthy inside and outside. And of course, weighing the mental strength and health over the physical. HEART is about connecting with others, learning, laughing, giving, mindfulness, and being active.

Our first HEART collection is an effortless and powerful collection of strong structures and fits, powered by women for women with breathable fabrics and stretch for comfort. It’s primarily produced by preferred fibers and designed in Grape leaf, Camouflage, Black, and Incense – subtle and earthy colours that complement each other. Of course, with attention to detail.

A pulse beating for you

We care! It runs in our veins

We care with PASSION, LOVE & HEART - for you and the environment. We want to make better choices in everything we do, supporting women in every way. With HEART we want to give something back and to improve women’s possibilities. We call it women for women.

Boost your body and mind with HEART