DJ Thanh Ngo: Dedicated to good vibes only


DJ Thanh Ngo: Dedicated to good vibes only

DJ Thanh Ngo: Dedicated to good vibes only

Sometimes you see someone, and instantly get the feeling, that this person is something else. There is a certain aura around them, a vibe they express that makes you want to hang with them.

One of those people is the Copenhagen based DJ and all over good guy Thanh Ngo. A local celebrity, he is known by almost everyone in the fashion and DJ business, and can be found DJ’ing the more sophisticated hot spots of Copenhagen night life.

We sat down with him, to have a chat about the craft of building a good party, and to get a few insights to our own playlist.

The season of never ending summer nights, roof top parties and garden get-togethers is upon us, and for the well-prepared host, this is not only a time to show off, but just as much (and more importantly) a time to create unforgettable moments for his guests.

One of the things needed to make an unforgettable night is the music. Setting the scenes with just the right tunes is a feat of its own, and it’s harder than one might think. But fear not, Thanh Ngo, the Copenhagen based DJ, is here to help us out!

Hi, Thanh . Please introduce yourself.

”Hi! My name is Thanh Ngo, I am 38 years old and live in the Copenhagen borough Østerbro with my little family - my girlfriend Frederikke, our daughter Sonia and a son arriving this summer. I work as a DJ and when I’m not doing that, I work as a field account specialist for an international sportswear brand.”

Wow, that sounds like you have enough on your plate! Listen, we’re hosting a summer party on June 1st, and need some inspiration for the music we should play. Can you help us out?

”Sure thing! What do you need to know?”

What is the most important thing for us to know, when we want to set the right mood for our guests at our party?

”The most important thing when either composing the playlist for the night, or playing as a DJ, is to know your crowd.” Thanh says, and elaborates: ”You have to feel the vibe of the crowd and follow their mood. Don’t just play all your bangers at once, but build up the mood along with your crowd.”

Thanh points out, that a great DJ always is a step ahead of his crowd. He has to know what the crowd wants and needs before they know it themselves, in order to create the right amount of surprise and excitement when the next track drops.

So, this is a summer party. Is an outdoor party during summer different to an indoor party at winter, and is there anything particular we have to keep in mind?

”Yes, it is definitely different. When playing a garden party during the summer, the vibe is lighter, and it’s more about creating backdrop of sound, rather than playing sing-a-long bangers. When playing indoor gigs the crowd is closer, and so is the tension, so this is where you pull out your best bangers".

With that in mind, which three tracks do we HAVE to include in our summer playlist?

1. ”Kaytranda feat. Aminé & Pharrell Williams - 4EVA”: my favorute dj/producer who makes the smoothest beats that it’s impossible not to dance to!

2. ”Alicia Myers - I want to thank you”: Awesome summer classic! The song is so soulful and Alicia Myers has a killa tune, that has been sampled many times. You can’t miss that!

3. ”Sarz & Obongjayar - Nobody”: A hot Nigerian-produced afrobeat track with a nostalgic 90’s underlaying groove.

Lastly. You are a man of good tastes, and many of us are facing the hard feat of finding the right outfit for the summer party. Any good advice?

”Light linen suits with a flamboyant shirt underneath - in a light drapy fabric or even a vintage hawaii shirt is a good place to start. Match it with a pair of loafers and a pair of good shades.” Thanh says.

”And remember”, he adds: ”It is not about what you’re wearing, but how you’re wearing it.”