So, what is the deal with Perry & Marco?


So, what is the deal with Perry & Marco?

So, what is the deal with Perry & Marco?

You might be wondering why Perry and Marco are called ‘Crunch’? This is not just some cool marketing stunt to make them sound more masculine and hardcore, there is actually some logic behind the madness.

Marco Crunch Jersey Shirt and Perry Crunch O-SS Tee are designed with a cool technology called Odor Crunch© by Polygiene, hence the name. This means the fabric has been treated with a technology that basically crushes odor molecules like bacteria and sweat (we know, sexy…), leaving your garment staying fresh all day and ready for you to wear again – without washing it.


BioStatic Stays Fresh©

The textile for Marco and Perry is treated with a technology called BioStatic Stays Fresh©, containing silver salt, that inhibits and protects against growth of odors, such as bacteria, fungus and mildew that occur when we sweat. Now, sweat itself doesn’t actually smell, but bacteria do. The silver salt simply stops the bacteria and fungi from growing and thereby eliminating them. But there is more to it...

Illustration by Polygiene®

Polygiene Odor Crunch©

Once Stays Fresh© has killed the bacteria Odor Crunch© takes over and breaks down the odor that would come from body odor, cigarette smoke, cooking fumes and so on. Odor Crunch© consists of silica, the main ingredient in sand, and works as a catalyst that absorbs the odor molecules, cracks them and breaks them down. Eventually eliminating odor permanently.

Illustration by Polygiene®

What are the benefits of this?

Number 1: You will not smell
Number 2: Your garment will last longer
Number 3: You are climate smart

This is a huge benefit if you are an active man who is constantly on the run and don’t have time to wash your garments every day. You are more likely to wash a garment more if it has a bad smell, but with Odor Crunch© you don’t have to wash it after every use. This also means your garment will last longer, as excessive wash wears out the fabric. You are thereby eliminating microplastic into the ocean, saving water, energy and C02 = you are climate smart. Easily explained: Wear more. Wash less.

But don’t worry, Marco and Perry can still be recycled!

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